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How much does it cost to join? is completely free online dating, and just takes minutes to sign up.
How old do you have to be to join?
This online dating site is only for adults 18 years old and up.
Why is this site different from other online dating websites ?
Our website is truly 100% free. Most sites only offer a temporary "Free Trial Period", or a free membership that limits you to only post a profile, but not actually be able to communicate with other members. With, you can join for free and actually have access to all the website's features and members.
What is a "Nickname"?
A "Nickname" is the same as a "User Name" or "Login name". This is the name (your real name or nickname) that you choose to show other members.
Why can't I see my profile in the Members section?
If you don't enter your Date of Birth in the correct format (Date/Month/Year), it may default to "00/00/0000", and your profile will not be visible to other members. If you did enter a "Date of Birth" (all members must be at least 18 years old), and your profile is still not showing up, please check the Forum for more help.
How do I upload photos?
To upload your photos, Login to your account, and click on "My Profile". Then click "Profile Photos", and click on the "Browse" button. From there, you can access your computer to pick your photo. Once you've selected your photo, just click on the "Submit" button. (No nude photos please!)
Do I need to become a member to post a Classified ad?
Yes. Although all of our services and features are completely free, you do need to become a member to post any classifieds. Don't forget, you don't have to be "Single" or "Looking" to join When you sign up, you can also select "Not Single/Not Looking" for Marital Status, or "Friends" or "Other" for your Seeking status.
Where is the Article that I posted?
If you post an Article, you must select a category before submitting the article, otherwise it won't show up anywhere. Also, the articles do not link to the author, so if you want people to know you wrote it, be sure to sign your name at the bottom of your article.
How do I delete my account?
In order to permanently delete your account, you must first "Log In" to your account. Then, near the top right side of the screen, click on "My Profile". Near the top left, then click on "Edit Profile". Click "Unregister".
How do I get help?
For any questions or assistance with the website, please try finding help in our Forum first. If you can't find the answer(s) that you're looking for, you can also email us at:

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