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The Secret to Online Dating Over 40


Online dating is growing fast, and the fastest growing group is the over 40 crowd.  This article is designed to help guide the newbies to the current dating scene.


The old stigma of meeting someone on the internet is fading away.  Years ago, if you asked someone about meeting people online, they would more than likely respond in a very negative manner, and probably mention something about only finding "freaks" and "psychopaths" online.  Nowadays, more than ever, people are bragging about the guy or girl that they met online. 


Myspace and Facebook have definitely made headlines and mainstream news about the whole idea of meeting people in online social networks.  However, these sites can be very intimidating and quite overwhelming for someone that's new to the "online scene".  But don't worry, because these sites are not where you want to be anyway. 


First of all, don't feel weird about dating online, or putting your profile online.  Millions and millions of people of all ages are doing it.  I'd like to give you a few pointers that should help you get started.


Now, keep in mind that there are free online dating websites, and there are sites that charge you a monthly subscription.  It never hurts to put yourself in as many places as possible, but you may not want to spend a bunch of money while you're just testing the waters.  Besides, if you focus on just one or two dating websites, it will be easier to stay active in the forums, keep up with new messages, and update your profile. 


Now, here's the secret to success:  photos.  That's right.  The single most important thing about your profile is going to be your photo.   Obviously, not everyone is that shallow that they are only going to consider dating beautiful people, but if they can't even see what you look like, they will more than likely not take any interest.  Most people have a pretty good idea of what they expect to find in these photos.  Online dating is just the same as off line dating in this respect.  For example, if you're 52 years old, 100lbs overweight, and have a very unattractive personality, you probably won't be dating 22 year old supermodels.


This is the most common mistake that people make - not putting a photo in their profile.  Not only that, but many people use the wrong photos too.  One example of this would be using an old photo.  If it really doesn't honestly represent what you currently look like, then don't use it.  Another example is using a photo that shows you from very far away.  Guys are usually the guilty ones for this.  They'll post a picture of themselves in front of their car, or on their bike.  Unless this really represents one of your main passions, and is still a decent shot of what you actually look like, don't do it. 


And then there's the group shot or the photo with the ex.  This is also usually a waste.  If it's a good shot of you, then crop it to focus on you, not your friends or you're ex-spouse. 


The bottom line is to put your best image out there.  If at all possible, have a friend or two give their honest opinion about which photos you look best in.  Posting several different photos is good, if they each represent you and your personality well.  If not, then less is definitely more.  At the absolute minimum, you want to have at least one good, current close up shot of your face.  Also, you need to smile.  Yes, even the guys need to smile.  I know, it doesn't always feel "cool" to smile, but the most attractive look is always a genuine smile.


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