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Online Dating Success Tips






  • Post a photo. Actually the more photos, the better. Unfortunately, this is very important. Few people really want to get too involved with getting to know someone via email, chatting, etc, only to then be disappointed with a lack of physical attraction. Bottom line is this: members with photos get way more attention.
  • Login often. As with anything online, people want information, products, etc. fast. If someone sends you a message, and you don't even check your messages for several weeks, you just might miss out. Check your messages, and respond to messages as often as you can.
  • Be active. By posting in the forums, joining groups, and even writing articles, you will get more exposure, which results in more people checking your profile out.
  • Fill out your profile. Answer all questions as completely and as honestly as possible. Then take some time to write a decent size description telling all about who you are, what you do, and what you're looking for.
  • Tags. These are basically keywords that members can use to match similar likes with. For example, if you add the tag "motorcycles" to your profile, then other members that are into motorcycles can search for members that are also into motorcycles. Use as many tags as you can think of. Get creative. These could be decriptive words like "funny" or "sexy", or words relating to hobbies or sports, or types of food, etc.



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